Sorry I havent been posting ! I have been on the move ever since I have stepped into Florence.

I recently just had the best fashion experience of a lifetime. My mentor at Balenciaga suggested I attend Pitti Uomo during my stay in Florence. Pitti Uomo is one of the biggest mensware fashion events in the world. Men dress head to toe in patterned suits, sleek leather shoes or loafers and always know how to accesorize. Pitti Uomo introduces new collections to Buyers.

After I had researched a great deal about Pitti Uomo, and was beyond excited, I noticed in the fine print I had to be associated with a fashion company to have access to the exhibition. LUCKILY , my fashion professor’s family owns a leather goods empire in Florence, Milan and Rome. So I went as a representative for her company .

I walked all the way from my apartment near the Ponte Vecchio to La Frotezza de Basso and was granted access to Pitti Uomo. I was absolutely intrigued with the italian fashion and for once was not treated as an outsider by the Italians. My favorite part of Pitti Uomo was actually being apart of an art project for TeeTrend which consisted of being blown with a lawnmower and having your picture taken and printed. This art project was meant to commercialize the brand , especially on social medias such as Instagram.

This was one of my many favorite experiences that I want to share, so keep looking for new posts !

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