Pray for Venezuela


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On February 12th 2014, Venezuelas Youth day, students gathered the streets throughout the country to protest the insufficient and corrupt government. The current university students residing in Venezuela are considered the most educated group of the population. This video shows the Venezuelan National Guard kicking, punching, and physically abusing peaceful protestors. Many of the armed forces are taking Venezuelans hostage and refusing to supply food or water. In western Venezuela , the internet is completely blocked off, and for the rest of Venezuela, Twitter has been deactivated to avoid publicization of the events.

Many Venezuelans I have confided in can describe the Venezuelan society in one word: Corrupt. University Students in Venezuela are fighting back for the human rights and for the country’s progression. According to the Huffington Post, a non governmental group that tracks violence, estimated that in 2013 the homicide rate in 2013 had quadrupled over the past 15 years.  Since the increase in violence, the Venezuelan government has failed to provide violence statistics to the public to conceal the truth . Recently Forbes, has pronounced Venezuela doomed to collapse due to numerous economic setbacks such as , ” Riots in the streets. Killings of protesters. Shortages of consumer staples like toilet paper and flour. Power outages. Confiscations of private property. Capital flight. Inflation running at more than 50%. The highest murder rate in the world.”


#PrayforVenezuela #IamYourVoiceVenezuela

Many students may ask, ” Well how can I help ?” SImply by keeping the public informed. University students around the world are creating a media movement known as ” Pray for Venezuela”. This movement represents the international unity and support in these times where there is injustice.


Dennis Basso New York Fashion Week: Fall Collection 2014


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With little time I had during my exam week, I followed the Mercedes Benz Fashion week and fell in love with the Dennis Basso Fall Collection.

Dennis Basso introduced his first collection to the world in 1983, and now is regarded as a world fashion icon.Dennis Basso’s inspiration for his fall 2014 collection stems from American contemporary artists . He states his key pieces in his show were all that were ” handpainted fabrics”.

His Fall collection included many fur accessories in saphire, emerald, and white and black color blocking. This collection can be defined as sublime in the sense that each piece represents a regal work of art.


Street Style Inspiration


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Street Style Inspiration

These are some of my favorite items transitioning into spring time. I have an addiction to fur and leather fashion pieces because both can serve as key pieces to any outfit.

Black Valentino Slingback : Valentino was one of the key designers that supported the studded embellishment trend. I absolutely love both the nude and black slingbacks.

Arma Blue Rex Fur Jacket: Usuaully I stick to neutral toned furs to have as an everyday accesory, however, this hue of indigo matches perfectly with all black leather items.

Michael Kors Runway Chronograph Watch: After working for Michael Kors, I have discovered my love for the original runway collection. I love the staineless steel boyfriend watch look and could pair it with every outfit I own.

Balenciaga Motorcyle Bag: I have always followed Balenciaga’s current trends, but this bag is an absolute must have. The silver embellishment with the hard leather look , makes the bag all the more beautiful.

Helmut Lang Stretch-Leather Leggings

Dior Rouge Lipstick in Zinnia Red- This color is a good transition from fall to spring due to the purple hues but overall rose tone.

Retail Life


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Unfortunately I have not been able to post for a WHILE, to say the least. Last semester I took on Finanacial Accounting while taking other hard classes at the same time. Needless to say, whenever I had spare time, my nose was always in a book.

But I am here to catch you up on my holiday !

I was employed by Michael Kors as a Seasonal Sales Assistant for November and December. This was my all-time favorite job I have taken on during the holidays. I had the best management team to work with, but also worked with the nicest people I have ever met in the retail world. I learned so much about the Michael Kors brand during my time there and continue to follow the new Michael Kors collections throughout the year.

Also, I finally decided on a study abroad program ! I will be studying at the Florence University or Arts for 6 weeks over the summer , specifically Italian Fashion. I am so incredibly excited to take on this opportunity and study in one of the major fashion cities to fufill my desire to study fashion.


That is all I have to catch everyone up on, I will be posting my favorite trends of the season soon !

My first time…… Dying my hair… oi


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I am a very conservative person when it comes to altering my physical appearance. Not because I disagree with trying different styles or looks, but more so because I am completely freaked out I will change something PERMANENTLY. So yes ladies and gentleman, I was (up until yesterday) considered a hair virgin all 20 years of my life.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 3.50.10 PMI have always wanted to lighten my hair just one shade blonder to even out the inconsistencies in my hair . So , stupidly I decided it would be a fantastic idea to use a box dye that I had not researched before applying to my hair. 

One box later , approximately 30 minutes later I had the shade equivalent to my nightmares. An electric orange/yellow.

photo-1Then I attempted to try to fix this unfortunate fire engine red color by having my friend apply a bleach bath to my hair using Volume 20 developer , Kaliedescope powdered bleach and Wella Toner in Natural Blonde. I’m not incredibly sure why I decided it was a good idea to attempt to “fix” my hair again. Basically the final color of my hair could be described as a highlighter yellow.

Basically if you want to lighten your hair, obviously go  to someone who knows what they are doing especially if you can afford quality service and stay away specifically from this  dye. I luckily know an incredibly talented stylist who agreed to fix my hair and got it back to my natural color. THANK GOD.

The hidden treasures mother nature offers to UF students


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For any University of Florida students or Gainesville tourists that have been having a hard time finding quality attractions to visit, look no further ! I can not even count how many times I have googled, “Things to do in Gainesville” , ” Nightlife in Gainesville“, or  “Attractions of Gainesville” and not been able to find one place of interest worth driving to.

But after two years of roaming the Gainesville area as a student I have been able to share many memories with friends , while also compiling my own list of secret spots  to share.

If you would like to spend some time with Mother Nature:

1. Paynes Prairie – Yes I know what you are already thinking. You are probably wondering WHY on earth I would ever list this considering it is listed on almost every tourist website known to mankind. However, many people take the wrong exit and only see the outside of the park. If you go a little bit further on I-75 towards the Micanopy exit, you are able to go inside the park for only $6 and explore the multiple trails throughout the park . A word of warning though, make sure you bring bottles of insect repellant and a companion in case you get lost amidst the never-ending trails.

Paynes Prairie Photo Credit: James Scaglione

2. The Newberry Corn Field Maze– I just found out about this seasonal treat this fall semester. During the Halloween season, this farm offers entrance to either a haunted corn maze or hayrides . If you are looking for a cheaper yet equally scary alternative to Halloween Horror Nights or Hallowscream , then definitely buy tickets to the corn maze. My boyfriend, friend and I purchases tickets to the corn maze and were chased by evil clowns with chainsaws for a solid 30 minutes around the entire farm. I have never been so terrified in my entire life.

But for those who would prefer to avoid having a heart attack or peeing your pants, definitely purchase tickets to enjoy a nice autumn hayride.

3. The Devils Den Okay, so maybe I cheated a little on this option considering it isn’t EXACTLY in Gainesville. It is only an hour away though. This hidden treasure is still my favorite spot near Gainesville. The water is absolutely freezing year round in which you can either snorkel or scuba dive in. Luckily the Devils Den shop offers rentals anywhere from wetsuits to goggles.

734327_4499155443191_1746416362_n-1Note: Unfortunately as you can see, it is incredibly hard to take pictures of yourself in this establishment due to the lack of light .

A must-have for the fall season


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I have missed the world of blogging for the past 2-3 weeks now, I had to remove myself from everything to study for a Financial Accounting exam. All of those who are UF business school alumni know the studying Professor Goslinga’s exams require.

BUT, when I returned home for a short visit with my family I happened to stumble upon these beauties .  These are Michael Kors faux leather riding pants that look absolutely amazing. They can be found either in-store or you can order them online.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 5.26.44 PM

Photo Credit:

The price is not bad at all either, and right now online , any order that is over $100 receives free shipping.

I personally will be buying these when I go back home! The faux leather riding pant can be paired with a cream or white chunky sweater or any silk flowy top.If that isn’t a big enough reason to go out and buy these. My fashion icon Jennifer Grace, a famous fashion enthusiast , has recently been posting different styles with leather pants or leggings.